Ms. Timmons awarded the Commander's Award for Civilian Service

March 4, 2014

During the past two years as the Army has transitioned to a new accounting system, Ms. Timmons has been an active team player in establishing procedures and policies as we move from the legacy system of STANFINS to the modernized GFEBS system.

She has actively participated in workshops, training sessions, and work groups to ensure a smooth transition for our command. She has also volunteered her skills to troubleshoot the DMLSS rollout, even though this was not her primary function/role in the system. She wanted to fully understand and be able to assist others in the system as well as understanding her role for loading financial information into DMLSS. She has often been called upon by the HQ, MRMC, USAMRIID, USAMRICD and other organizations for her advice and assistance in GFEBS.

Ms. Timmons has led our efforts to clear documents from the old accounting system. She has reduced the STANFINS Non-Stock Report by over 50% which leaves less than 40 open lines as we move toward STANFINS brownout. Ms. Timmons has also developed a spreadsheet reflecting all pending contract actions/issues along with other pertinent information and forwards this spreadsheet to USAMRAA for them to update the status. These status updates help ensure that the USACEHR Commander is aware of the financial status of the command and that all actions are processed timely and prior to yearend closeout. Ms. Timmons' attention to detail makes her a standout among her peers and sought after for her expertise.

Ms. Timmons was presented the Commander's Award for Civilian Service of March 4, 2014 for dedicated service as the Budget Analyst, US Army Center for Environmental Health Research. Ms. Timmons has provided superior service in all aspects of her duties and has always placed mission accomplishment as the top priority.